SACRED HEART MONASTERY Two large wind turbines harness the prairie wind for the monastery's electric power.
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Ten Year Environmental Impact --- (PDF File)
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The wind blows where it will. You hear the sound it makes but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. (John 3:8)

On June 16, 1997, we began producing electricity from wind turbines. We had installed two, used Silver Eagle wind turbines with Micon internal workings. At the time we ventured into this project, just about everyone told us it was a “bad” idea. Our community had discussed wind turbines for at least fifteen years prior to the venture.

Wind energy from wind turbinesIt became evident to us in the mid-1990’s that we had reached a dead end as to any other avenue to control the cost of electricity. Wind became a power source the monastery could no longer overlook. The technology had advanced considerably, yet when we Sisters ventured into the project we were seen as somewhat naive. Putting up the turbines and being a pioneer in this work was not a cake walk. There were many obstacles that had to be overcome and a lot of convincing had to take place. Whatever the results, we were committed to share them with anyone who was interested. Consequently, over the past ten years, we have had many people stop and ask questions or want classes. We have students, environmental groups, churches, schools, and businesses, among others, ask us about wind energy.

The second reason for the Sisters’ interest in wind is that we are not just concerned about preserving the environment but in enhancing it. We have a lot of destruction to our environment and, as you read and listen, preservation of our environment is a now a major issue on our American minds, as well as globally. We want to preserve our natural resources for many generations. Wind energy is more environmentally friendly than most other sources of energy. It is also less controlled by fewer people. Wind is a resource we can obtain without plowing big holes in the ground to access it, or destroy land in the process. It does not take away productive land. Wind energy does not produce the gasses that cause global warming.

Chili and Lucky the Llama, with a turbine in the backgroundIn the ten years since we pioneered wind energy in North Dakota, we are pleased to say it works!!! The wind energy industry has made major inroads into our State in recent years. There are now numerous wind farms with more planned for the future. As for ourselves, we are delighted that the Spirit kept pushing us to pursue wind as an energy source. We are always looking at God’s creation as the best resource given to us to manage with care; therefore, we hope in the future to update and possibly even expand our involvement in the wind industry.



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